Newage drive axles have been designed and developed specifically to withstand the punishment encountered by equipment use for off-highway vehicle operations.

Principal features include:

Load capacity from1 to 10 tonnes.

Compact modular design provides simplified axle installation, good accessibility and optimum ground clearance.

Self-adjusting, oil immersed disc brakes minimise maintenance and ensure long service life. (Not available on 100PB).

Planetary gearing within the axle casing allows compact hub design - enabling use of small wheels.

Hydrostatic drive options on 215 and 415 models.

Optional integral parking brake.

Load capacity from1 to 10 tonnes.

Supplementary Data:


Oil-immersed brakes are available with varying numbers of friction plates to meet specific application requirements.

Hydraulic system uses mineral oil to ISO-VG32 specification.

Lubricating Oil

Recommended lubricants include Mobilfluid 422/424, Agricastrol AS Super, Esso torque fluid 56 or 62, or Gulf universal tractor fluid.

Input Coupling

Newage rigid drive axles are suitable for various BRD (Hardy Spicer) series, DIN standard couplings.
915 models are available with half yoke coupling.

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