Power Take-Off Clutches

GPI Power Take-off clutches are suitable for application to all internal combution engines with standard flywheel housing dimensions from SAE # 6 through 0. PTO's contain clutches ranging in sizes from 7" to 14" and in single, double and triple plate.


Design features

1) Taper roller main bearings with generous side and in-line loading capacity.

2) Press-fit pilot shaft to eliminate slippage and wear on shaft pilot surface.

3) Grease hose with stainless steel braiding for improved heat and wear resistance.

4) Clutch engagement mechanism, either ball bearing or bronze collar equipped.

5) Long engagement lever for ease of operation.

6) Friction material: popular high capacity non-asbestos lining.

7) Adjustment collar, with convenient locking device allowing ease for regular adjustment ensuring long clutch life.

8) Cotter pins secure the linkage pins.

9) Lubrication points.

10) Both standard and short shaft versions available.


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Clutch Selection Guide and Data - Imperial / Metric

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