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For more than 30 years, off-highway equipment designers have found many uses for these versatile drives. Besides powering hydraulic pumps, they can be used as power splitters or to change powertrain center lines. 

Funk Pump Drives are designed on a modular concept. This allows the flexibility of applying these drives to numerous design needs. They are equiped to operate from independent mount, direct engine mount or as clutch driven units. A complete selection of input and output options and gear ratios are available.

There are five model series available each for different power capabilities. Each series has models to drive a various number of pumps. Click on the hyperlink for more information on these models. 

Series 28000
Input torque (max.): 650 lb/ft (881 Nm)
Input power (max.): 360 hp (268 kW)
1, 2, or 3 pump drives
SAE A, B, C, or D


Single Direct Drive
Single Pump
Double Pump
Double Pump (wide)
Triple Pump

Series 59000
Input torque (max.): 1,250 lb/ft (1694 Nm)
Input power (max.): 700 hp (522 kW)
2, 3, or 4 pump drives
SAE A, B, C, or D


Double Pump
Triple Pump
Triple Pump (wide)
Four Pump


Series 57000
Input torque (max.): 2,000 lb/ft (2710 Nm)
Input power (max.): 950 hp (708 kW)
4 pump drives
SAE D, E, or F


Four Pump 14" centers
Four Pump 16" centers





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